About the project

The project "CRETAPLANT: A Pilot Network of Plant Micro-Reserves in Western Crete" constitutes the first attempt to apply the innovative concept of Plant Micro-Reserves in Greece, a concept that aims to protect the fragile populations of threatened and rare species of the Greek flora. The European Union, through LIFE Projects, funded 75% of the project budget and the remainder 25% was covered by national funds. Apart from the obvious goal of contributing to the protection of Western Crete's natural heritage, CRETAPLANT project aims to constitute a useful tool and a practical guide towards an integrated and sustainable developmental planning (in the field of biodiversity conservation), both at regional and national level.

Project info
- Summary
- Organigramme
- Actions
Project deliverables
- Inventorying Report
- Maps of Plant Micro-Reserves
- Management Plans
- Genetic Diversity
- Legal Status of the Plant Micro-Reserves
- Monitoring
- Ex situ Conservation
- Reports